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Option API

Function Short description
add_network_optionAdds a new network option.
add_optionAdds a new option.
add_site_optionAdds a new option for the current network.
delete_all_user_settingsDeletes the user settings of the current user.
delete_expired_transientsDeletes all expired transients.
delete_network_optionRemoves a network option by name.
delete_optionRemoves an option by name. Prevents removal of protected WordPress options.
delete_site_optionRemoves an option by name for the current network.
delete_site_transientDeletes a site transient.
delete_transientDeletes a transient.
delete_user_settingDeletes user interface settings.
filter_default_optionFilters the default value for the option.
form_optionPrints option value after sanitizing for forms.
get_all_user_settingsRetrieves all user interface settings.
get_network_optionRetrieves a network's option value based on the option name.
get_optionRetrieves an option value based on an option name.
get_optionsRetrieves multiple options.
get_registered_settingsRetrieves an array of registered settings.
get_site_optionRetrieve an option value for the current network based on name of option.
get_site_transientRetrieves the value of a site transient.
get_transientRetrieves the value of a transient.
get_user_settingRetrieves user interface setting value based on setting name.
register_initial_settingsRegisters default settings available in WordPress.
register_settingRegisters a setting and its data.
set_site_transientSets/updates the value of a site transient.
set_transientSets/updates the value of a transient.
set_user_settingAdds or updates user interface setting.
unregister_settingUnregisters a setting.
update_network_optionUpdates the value of a network option that was already added.
update_optionUpdates the value of an option that was already added.
update_site_optionUpdates the value of an option that was already added for the current network.
wp_autoload_values_to_autoloadReturns the values that trigger autoloading from the options table.
wp_determine_option_autoload_valueDetermines the appropriate autoload value for an option based on input.
wp_filter_default_autoload_value_via_option_sizeFilters the default autoload value to disable autoloading if the option value is too large.
wp_load_alloptionsLoads and caches all autoloaded options, if available or all options.
wp_load_core_site_optionsLoads and primes caches of certain often requested network options if is_multisite().
wp_prime_network_option_cachesPrimes specific network options into the cache with a single database query.
wp_prime_option_cachesPrimes specific options into the cache with a single database query.
wp_prime_option_caches_by_groupPrimes the cache of all options registered with a specific option group.
wp_prime_site_option_cachesPrimes specific network options for the current network into the cache with a single database query.
wp_protect_special_optionProtects WordPress special option from being modified.
wp_set_all_user_settingsPrivate. Sets all user interface settings.
wp_set_options_autoloadSets the autoload value for multiple options in the database.
wp_set_option_autoloadSets the autoload value for an option in the database.
wp_set_option_autoload_valuesSets the autoload values for multiple options in the database.
wp_user_settingsSaves and restores user interface settings stored in a cookie.