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WordPress Rewrite API

Function Short description
add_feedAdds a new feed type like /atom1/.
add_permastructAdds a permalink structure.
add_rewrite_endpointAdds an endpoint, like /trackback/.
add_rewrite_ruleAdds a rewrite rule that transforms a URL structure to a set of query vars.
add_rewrite_tagAdds a new rewrite tag (like %postname%).
flush_rewrite_rulesRemoves rewrite rules and then recreate rewrite rules.
remove_permastructRemoves a permalink structure.
remove_rewrite_tagRemoves an existing rewrite tag (like %postname%).
url_to_postidExamines a URL and try to determine the post ID it represents.
wp_resolve_numeric_slug_conflictsResolves numeric slugs that collide with date permalinks.
_wp_filter_taxonomy_baseFilters the URL base for taxonomies.