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A simple set of functions to check our version 1.0 update service.

Function Short description
wp_clean_update_cacheClear existing update caches for plugins, themes, and core.
wp_get_translation_updatesRetrieves a list of all language updates available.
wp_get_update_dataCollect counts and UI strings for available updates
wp_maybe_auto_updatePerforms WordPress automatic background updates.
wp_schedule_update_checksSchedule core, theme, and plugin update checks.
wp_update_pluginsChecks for available updates to plugins based on the latest versions hosted on WordPress.org.
wp_update_themesChecks for available updates to themes based on the latest versions hosted on WordPress.org.
wp_version_checkCheck WordPress version against the newest version.
_maybe_update_coreDetermines whether core should be updated.
_maybe_update_pluginsCheck the last time plugins were run before checking plugin versions.
_maybe_update_themesCheck themes versions only after a duration of time.