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New in WordPress 6.0

Function Short description Path
build_comment_query_vars_from_blockHelper function that constructs a comment query vars array from the passed block properties.wp-includes/blocks.php
get_comments_pagination_arrowHelper function that returns the proper pagination arrow HTML for `CommentsPaginationNext` and `CommentsPaginationPrevious` blocks based on the provided `paginationArrow` from `CommentsPagination` context.wp-includes/blocks.php
wp_cache_add_multipleAdds multiple values to the cache in one call.wp-includes/cache.php
wp_cache_delete_multipleDeletes multiple values from the cache in one call.wp-includes/cache.php
wp_cache_flush_runtimeRemoves all cache items from the in-memory runtime cache.wp-includes/cache.php
wp_cache_set_multipleSets multiple values to the cache in one call.wp-includes/cache.php
wp_filesizeWrapper for PHP filesize with filters and casting the result as an integer.wp-includes/functions.php
wp_get_elements_class_nameGet the elements class names.wp-includes/block-supports/elements.php
wp_get_list_item_separatorRetrieves the list item separator based on the locale.wp-includes/l10n.php
wp_is_large_user_countDetermines whether the site has a large number of users.wp-includes/user.php
wp_is_theme_directory_ignoredDetermines whether a theme directory should be ignored during export.wp-includes/block-template-utils.php
wp_maybe_update_user_countsUpdates the total count of users on the site if live user counting is enabled.wp-includes/user.php
wp_recursive_ksortSorts the keys of an array alphabetically.wp-includes/functions.php
wp_register_development_scriptsRegisters development scripts that integrate with `@wordpress/scripts`.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_render_elements_support_stylesRender the elements stylesheet.wp-includes/block-supports/elements.php
wp_restore_image_outer_containerFor themes without theme.json file, make sure to restore the outer div for the aligned image block to avoid breaking styles relying on that div.wp-includes/block-supports/layout.php
wp_schedule_update_user_countsSchedules a recurring recalculation of the total count of users.wp-includes/user.php
wp_should_skip_block_supports_serializationChecks whether serialization of the current block's supported properties should occur.wp-includes/block-supports/utils.php
wp_update_user_countsUpdates the total count of users on the site.wp-includes/user.php
_register_remote_theme_patternsRegisters patterns from Pattern Directory provided by a theme's `theme.json` file.wp-includes/block-patterns.php
_register_theme_block_patternsRegister any patterns that the active theme may provide under its `./patterns/` directory. Each pattern is defined as a PHP file and defines its metadata using plugin-style headers. The minimum required definition is:wp-includes/block-patterns.php
_resolve_home_block_templateReturns the correct template for the site's home page.wp-includes/block-template.php
_wp_get_iframed_editor_assetsCollect the block editor assets that need to be loaded into the editor's iframe.wp-includes/block-editor.php
_wp_theme_json_webfonts_handlerRuns the theme.json webfonts handler.wp-includes/script-loader.php